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Version 3.9 - 9th December


V3.9 was released on Monday night December 9th 2013. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 New Functionality.

1.1 'Chase Tenant Money Owed' Improvements.
We have made some additions to the 'Chase Tenant Money Owed' wizard to help make the rent chase process more efficient. These additions are as follows: 

- Search box: Allows you to search for Forename, Middlename, Surname. Can do all three at the same time and   it will match partial names.
- 'Phone Call In' Tenant chase subnote type added.
- 'Phone Call' Tenant chase subnote type renamed to 'Phone Call Out'.
- 'Delay Until' Date picker added to the tenant record to hide the tenants from the list until that date arrives.
- 'Reason' box added to record the reason why the tenant record has been delayed. 

1.2 Custom Maintenance Job Types.
The ability to create custom maintenance job types has been added to 'Control Panel > Object Types'. Any job types added here will then appear on the drop down selector when creating a new maintenance job. 

1.3 'Created By' added to Maintenance Jobs.
The name of the staff member who created a maintenace job is now logged on the Maintenance Job view. It appears under the 'Maintenance Job Details' heading, as well as being added to the exports. 

1.4 Bond ID added to Landlord Quick View.
The Deposit Scheme details have been added to the landlord record accessed via the Quick View bar. This means any deposit IDs added to the modify landlord wizard will now be shown on the initial Qucik View screen. 

1.5 Irish Clients: PPS Number Character Limit Increased.
The character limit has been increased on the PPS Number field, found on Landlords/Tenants/Contractor records, to nine characters. This only applies to Irish clients. 

1.6 NRL message added to Property Deduction wizard.
The following message has been added to the 'Make a Property Maintenance Deduction' wizard: 

"This landlord has NRL tax deducted from them. Untick this if they should get an NRL tax refund for this deduction. "

This will alert the user as to whether or not the deduction should be an NRL exempt payment deduction, depending on the landlord's NRL status.

1.7 Security Config changes.
The ability to add a manual statement entry to the bank statement has now been included in the 'Reconcile Bank Statements' entry in the system security config section. So now if a user doesn't meet the required level to be able to use the bank reconciliation view then they will not be able to add bank statement entries either. 

We have also hidden the date picker used for changing the fixed date for user levels who do not meet the required access level.

1.8 New Custom Letter Tags added.
The following tags have been added to Tenant/Guarantor letter types in the custom letter writer tool:

- Post and Pre Tenancy Address details.
- Landlord Name and Contact Details.
- Bond Amount Advertised.

1.9 Landlord Licence Number expiry date picker.
A date picker has been added to landlord records to allow an expiration date to be set the for the Landlord Licence number. This date will then appear in the following reports:

-All People List.

1.10 Visa Due Date added to Tenant record.
A date picker has been added to tenant records to allow users to set a 'Visa Due' date. A warning box will then appear when signing off a tenancy to alert the user that the tenant's visa due date is or will be overdue between the start and end date of the tenancy. It will then ask whether they want to continue or not.

This date will also appear in the 'All People List' report.

1.11 Insurance Details added to contractor record.  
We have made some changes to the contractor's record on the system. Users are now able to set an 'Insurance Due' date as well as being able to enter a policy reference number for each contractor. The insurance due date will appear on the 'All Peoples List' report. 

1.12 Email Failure added to Audit Report. 
A new audit report has been added to the system that will keep track of all email addresses that have been removed for a person's record due to failing Amazon's checks.

1.13 'College Membership Number' renamed to "Student ID" on Online Tenancy Application.
The 'College Membership Number' field found on the last step of the Online Tenancy Application wizard, on LetMC client websites, has been renamed to 'Student ID' to help prevent confusion. This field is then mapped to the corresponding field found on the tenant record on the LetMC system. 

2.0 Defects Fixed.

2.1 Paid Sales Defect.

Information to come.

2.2 People In Credit - Authorised balance defect.
The logic behind the people in credit view, found on the 'Make a Payment' wizard, has been changed so that it now takes the authorised balance of the person's account, rather than how the account currently stands. I.e If a landlord has a 'Made' cheque payment on their account for £300 then they will not show up as a person in credit until that cheque has been authorised. Whereas previously the system would show them as having £300 available to be paid.*

*Unfortunately due to some technical issues we had to remove this change from the lLive system. So this no longer applies to the current version. 

2.3 Manage Payment Groups view changed back from burst grid.
In a previous release we changed the 'Manage Payments Groups' and 'Link as Payment or Deposit' view, found when drilling into an entry on the Bank Reconcilitation wizard, to burst grid views. We have now changed the 'Manage Payment Groups' view back to a normal grid view as it was preventing users from linking payment group items across multiple pages. 

2.4 Cleard Funds and Back Dated Rent defect. 

Information to come. 

2.5 Issue with month selector on Landlord Management Fees Report.
Certain clients were experiencing issues with the 'Landlord Management Fees' report. Only certain months were showing for some clients and others were encountering white screens when selecting other months from the drop down selector. These issues have now been fixed. 

2.6 Creating new instruction blow up fixed. 
The code under the bonnet for creating new instructions has been changed as it was causing certain instructions to blow up, therefore preventing them from being created. The reason for this was because the original code would copy across all inventory items and any photographs hanging off each inventory item. This proved too much of a heavy load on the servers and would cause a time out, resulting in the instruction not being created. The code has been changed so that it no longer physically copies across each item, instead it just produces a link to the original item that is then shared under the bonnet for each instruction. 

2.7 Land Registry view defect.
There was a defect with the land registry view that has now been fixed. This defect occured when a user opted to search for an existing property, rather than manually entering the properties details to search. When the user was redirected to the search view, they noticed that all of the select and search buttons on that view were disabled. This issue has now been addressed. 

2.8 'Features Administration' link removed from Online Tenancy Application. 
A recent software release to the client websites caused a link to the features administration section to appear on the Online Tenancy Application. This has now been removed and will no longer be visible.

2.9 Tenant Branch Text Account added to Money Owed chase wizard.
A change has been made to the available text accounts on the money owed chase wizard. Users will now be able to select the text account that has been assigned to the branch belonging to the particular tenant that is being chased. Previously, users would only be able to select the company account, branch account associated with the staff record and any text accounts assigned to the staff member. 

2.10 Recipient Branch Text Account added to In Tray Reply function.
This change applies to users with access levels that allows them to see items belonging to multiple branches in the In Tray. The scenario is as follows:

All staff members have to be assigned to a branch but the access levels allow them to see multiple branches. So a staff member set up on Branch A, with a particular access level, can see text messages for Branch A and also Branch B. When replying to a text message sent to Branch B, the staff member was previously only able to select the company text account, Branch A text account and any text accounts assinged to themselves. Therefore resulting in the person texting Branch B receiving a text message from a text account number that isn't related to them.

This has now been addressed. Now when this staff member replies to a text message sent to Branch B they will have the option of replying from the company text account, Branch A text account, staff text account or the recipeints branch text account, which in this case would be Branch B. 

3.0 For LetMC Staff Members.

3.1 Report added for Reference XML file usage. 
A new master report has been added to keep track of all clients using the new referencing XML work item functionality. It will list the name and short name for each client as well as the total for each of the previous six months. 

3.2 Additional Wording added to Online Login Email. 
The following text has been added to the email that automatically gets sent out when creating an online login:

"If you require any help with your online account please email 'Branch Email Address' Regards, 'Company Name'".

3.3 Website Footer Updated. 
The copyright year has now been updated to 2014. The footer URL text pointing to the marketing site has also been changed to: "Property Management Software by".

3.4 Importer Additions and Fixes. 
This release sees some changes made to the new importing tool to help make client integration a lot smoother. These are as follows:

Additions to the Importer:
The following functions have been added to the new importing tool:

- Ability to upload the 'Critical XML Backup' file, generated by the system, into the new importer tool and import it into the system.

- Branch, Areas and Service Types added to the Importer. Can now import one branch at a time. 

Importer Defects Fixed:
If a tenant is set as the 'Head Tenant' in the importer then this will now be brought across into the system and tenant will be assigned as head tenant status.


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