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Version 3.8 - 21st October 2013


Version 3.8 was released on Monday night October 21st 2013. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 SOAP Service Changes.

This update is comprised of multiple changes to our SOAP service. These changes are to comply with the new ASA ruling regarding agency fees and advertised properties, as well as additional features.  

The updated SOAP service specification can be found here:
It is not necessary to add the new methods/fields in order for the SOAP service to work. However, as the service can be implemented into your site in various ways, you may find that your SOAP service no longer works after this release. If this is the case then please contact the person who implemented it and ask them to check that their code is compatible with the changes. If Visual Studio is being used, then the references will just need to be updated in order for the service to work.
Also, please make sure that the URL used in the actual SOAP service remains as ''. 
The changes to the SOAP service are as follows:

Multiple Bookings.
The ability to book a viewing appointment for an advertised property and have that appointment appear in the LetMC Diary has now been added to the SOAP service. It has been developed to allow multiple bookings to be made per person. 

Users will need to make sure appointment allocations have been set up in the LetMC system to allow booking appointments to be made using the SOAP service. 

The new BookViewingAppointmnet and GetAvailableViewingSlots methods will need to be implemented in order for this functionality to work.

Additional Fields.
The following fields have been added to 'PropertyInfo' to provide more details on the advertised property:

- Rooms 
- IsManaged 
- SpecialConditions 
- InstructionUtilityCouncilTax
- InstructionUtilityElectricity
- InstructionUtilityWater
- InstructionUtilityGas
- InstructionUtilityTelephone
- DepositAmount 
- TenantTypes 
- TenantSigningCharges 

Property Brochure URL. 
A new field has also been added that will return the URL for the property brochure that can be generated on the LetMC system. The field is called: BrochureURL

2.0 LetMC Client Website Changes.

We have added three options to the control panel of our client websites to ensure that the new regulations are met. These fields are as follows:

Display landlord instruction tenant specific auto charges. 
With this option enabled, a new field called 'Fees' will appear on the more details screen for each advertised property on the website. This field will output any auto charge that has been added to the landlord instruction on the LetMC system that is applicable to tenants. 

Text field for information on fees.  
This option will allow clients to display a block of text on the more details screen, for each advertised property, informing the user on information regarding the fees that are payable. 

Specify URL for fee information page.
This option will insert a specific URL onto the more details screen for each advertised property. This URL can either be an external webpage controlled by the client or it can point to a LetMC client website page that can be updated by our website team. 

Please note, each of the options will need to be enabled by a member of the LetMC website team. Once a decision has been made on which option to choose, please email and instruct them to implement the desired changes. 

3.0 Software Improvements.

3.1 Manage Payment Groups view enhancement. 
This view has now been converted into a burst grid view. What this means is that when a user loads the view, rather than the system loading every single item in that view and then splitting them into pages, it will instead only load the items on page 1 and then load each other page as and when they are selected. This will result in a decrease in the views loading time. 

This enchancement also applies to the payment group view accessed by linking an item on the bank reconciliation view. Previously, certain users experienced time outs when trying to link bank statement items due to the amount of payment groups on their system. These time outs will no longer occur as the system will only be loading a page at a time. 

3.2 Additional columns added to the 'Chase Tenant Money Owed' export.
The following columns have been added to this export to assit clients who outsource their rent chasing:

- Tenancy Address*
- Tenancy Start Date
- Tenancy Fixed Date
- Tenancy End Date
- Branch
- Last Chase Method
- Home Number
- Mobile Number
- Fax Number
- Email Address
- Date of Birth
- Nationality
- National Insurance Number
- University Number

*This was previously included in the 'Tenant' column.

At the end of each row, each set of address details that have been added to the 'Contacts List' step of the tenant details wizard will now be displayed.  

3.3 File Upload Size Limit Increased.
We have increased the file size limit for uploading documents to 25mb. Please bear in mind that we still have a maximum combined email file size of 10mb.


4.0 Defects Fixed.

4.1 Tenant Key Details defect.
When viewing the key bunch number details for tenant sets, the system will now correctly display the number entered for the actual tenant key set. Previously, the system was displaying the information regarding the office sets. 


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