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Version 3.7 - 16th September 2013


V3.7 will be released on Monday night September 16th 2013. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 New Functionality.

1.1 LPS Scotland Bulk Upload File download.

We will be adding the ability to download a bulk upload file that will contain the details of all the active tenancies using the LPS Scotland deposit type. This file will match the specfication set out on the LPS website, enabling clients to carry out a bulk upload to register all of their deposits in one go. 

Please note, this uploader is awaiting testing and may require slight adjustments. Any adjustments required will be ironed our during the week commencing September 16th, when a test platform will be made available to us by LPS Scotland. Therefore it will be unavailable until then. 

1.2 Override Arrange Access contact details.

When arranging access by email or text, the system will use the default email address of the staff member and the text account that is either assigned to them or the branch that they belong to. After this release, users will be able to choose a different option which will be to use the details of the branch that the tenant/tenancy is assigned to. 

1.3 Ability to send XML Online Applicant Work Items. 

The In Tray has been configured to allow an XML to be saved in the system as an online applicant work item. This means that clients who do not have one of our websites can still make use of our online tenancy application.

In order to use this functionality on an external website, you will have to request the specification document and have your developers implement the changes to your site, in order to then successfully send the work item into the system's In Tray. Users can then pull the details from this item directly into a tenancy. 

If you would like to obtain a copy of the specification then please contact LetMC Client Support.


2.0 Software Improvements.

2.1 Co-operative 2013 Bank Uploader Type. 

This upload type is a tweak to the existing bank statement upload type, not a new format. This type will use the 'Customer Reference' column and the 'Bank Reference' column when populating the description field on the LetMC system. Previously it would only use the 'Customer Reference' column.

Please note, if you change to this type then your standing order links will no longer work as the description would have changed. 

2.2 New Country addition.

'British Overseas Territory' has been added to the system's Countries list. 


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