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Version 3.6 - 26th August 2013


V3.6 was released on Monday night August 26th 2013. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 New Functionality.

1.1 Maintenance Job 'Closed' date.

The system will now log the date when a maintenance job's status is changed to 'Closed'. The date will be displayed on the maintenance job results grid, as well as in the job itself, so that users can easily see when certain jobs were completed. 

The date has also been added to the maintenance jobs export file. This will allow users to be able to see the creation date and closed date for each item, to then work out how long it took to complete.

1.2 University membership number.

A new field has been added to the tenant details wizard to store the university number that is captured on the online tenancy application (for 'Student' tenant types). Previously this information would be saved in the confidential notes field on the tenants record. 

For existing companies using the online tenancy application, a migration script has been run to copy the university number from the confidential notes field to the new dedicated field. 

2.0 Software Improvements.

2.1  Landlord Float added to Invoices. 

New data tags have been added to the invoice print job file so that the balance of the landlord's float account, after all the transactions included in that invoice, can also be displayed. If you would like this added to your invoices then please contact

2.2 'Transaction' type added to Export All Transactions.

The export file, that is available on the 'Export All Transactions' tab of an account on the system, now contains a column stating the type of the transactions. This will enable users to quickly identify which transfers were done by the system and which were journals carried out by a staff member.  

3.0 Website Changes.

3.1 Pinnacle - Mobile property search and online booking.

We have been developing a mobile property search and online booking version of our client websites which can run along site your existing website. This functionality will allow any visitor to your website using a mobile device to be automatically redirected to this site where they can: 

  • search for properties 
  • make online bookings
  • call
  • email 
  • and get direction to your office via Google Maps. 
The site has been designed to be compatible with various sized mobile devices, both smart phones and tablets, to ensure the best user experience. 

This site will be in beta testing with our letting agency, Pinnacle Letting Agents, until October 1st ready for general release to all clients on October 1st. To pre-order this mobile website please visit the Application Store for full details. 

4.0 Defects Fixed. 

4.1 Custom Letter send by method.

The system has been displaying incorrect statuses for custom letters. If a person had 'Email Letters' ticked and a letter generated for them, it would be displayed as a post item in the letters to post section but would in fact get emailed out. If a person didn't have 'Email Letters' ticked then custom letters would correctly show as a post item but would be show as 'Sent by Email' in the view past letters section. These errors have now been fixed. 

4.2 Security Audit Report: Landlord Bank Details. 

We have fixed the defect which was making the system create an entry for each time a user completed the landlord details wizard, rather than actually making changes to the bank details section. Now this audit entry will only save the details of the user when the account details are altered. 

4.3 Email Size validation.

Recently we swithced over to Amazon's email service. This service has a maximum file size of 9.5mb for all outgoing emails. Various views in the system were updated to warn the user when this limit was hit. We have now applied this validatin to the 'Email Rental List' view in the marketing tab. 



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