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Version 3.5 - 1st July 2013


V3.5 was released on Monday night July 1st 2013. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 New Functionality.

1.1 HTML Email Editor.

This release sees an overhaul to our email system. No longer will users be confined to text only emails, they will now be able to send and receive HTML emails.

This has been achieved by adding an easy to use editor to the send email view in the system. The editor will allow users to construct their HTML email and see how it will be received by the target recipient, all inside of LetMC. 

The editor's controls are similiar to what you would find in a program like Microsoft Word. Users are able to cut and paste content into the message, insert images (that have been uploaded to their system), create tables and also make use of various formatting options.

It will also display the signature that has been assigned to the email account that has been selected to be used as the sender. If you change the email address in the 'From' dropdown then the signature will also change for you.

1.2 Ability to integrate with third party email clients such as Outlook, IOS and Android devices through the new POP3 interface.

Great news! Users are now able to send and receive their LetMC emails through third party email clients!

Due to popular demand we have developed our own POP3 interface, which basically means users are able to add their LetMC email accounts to programs such as Outlook and even add them to their mobile devices, allowing access to system emails on the go.

The interface has been coded in such a way that even reminders, appointment notifications and other In Tray items can be received in the third parties mailbox. Not only that, users are able to mark items as completed which is automatically replicated on the LetMC system.

Each type of item received in your email client will be sent from a specific LetMC email address, such as: or To ensure that any images that are included in these messages get displayed, users will need to add each address to the safe senders list. 

The interface doesn't just work with emails either. Users will be able to receive any system text message that has been assigned to themselves as well as being able to reply to the text message, in say Outlook, which will automatically be transformed into a text reply to the original sender. All through their third party email system.

Any message that is sent to a user using the POP3 server and subsequently replied to, will still show up on that persons notes under 'Manage People Notes' in the system, provided that the address has been added to a persons record. 

For your piece of mind, if you delete a message in Outlook or a different program then it will not remove that message from the LetMC system.

*Please note, this functionality will only work with emails clients that allow users to add POP3 accounts. 

Mail server details:

Incoming Server:

Outgoing Server:

Credentials: LetMC username and password 


Setup Guides:

Below you will find handy guides that will instruct you on how to configure your LetMC emails onto your chosen device:

Configuring Outlook 2007

Configuring iOS Devices

Configuring Android Devices

2.0 Software Improvements and Changes.

2.1 Email Unsubscribe.

A slight change has been made to the content of the email that sends out applicant property to rent lists. It now includes an 'Unsubscribe' link that will allow the applicant to remove themselves from the automatic email notifications. What this does in the system is recognise the user who has clicked on that link and then unticks the 'Notify by EMail' option under automatic notifications on the applicant card.

This will prevent agents from repeatedly emailing applicants who are no longer looking and will prevent them from being inadvertently marked as spam. 

2.2 Additional County type has been added.

The ability to set up South African companies on the LetMC system has been added to this release. The different system settings are:

- No validation on postcodes.
- Currency set as Rand.

2.3 Outgoing email file size limit.

A limit of 9.5mb has been set for outgoing emails from the system. This limit applies to the email as a whole, so will factor in the content of the email as well as the total size for all attachments. 

This will be most noticeable in the 'Post Bag' section. Recently we introduced the ability to upload PDF documents to include when sending out invoices. This new limit will also apply to these invoice files. 

If a user adds multiple documents and generates the invoice to be sent by email, once it has been selected and authorised it will appear in the 'Letters to Post section' momentairly with the heading 'Not Yet Generated'. Whilst it says this, the system is checking the overall file size to make sure it comes in under the limit. If it does, then the letter will automatically move from 'Letters to Post' and will appear in 'View Past Letters' as sent by email, along with the post reference.

If it is too big then the system will alert the user by adding 'Too big to send by email' next to the letter and will then change the send by method to be 'By Post'. The user will then have to mark this letter as posted in order for it to be stored.  

2.4 'All' option added to 'Status Date Changed' drop down in Manage Keys view.

An option to display 'ALL' keys has been added to the 'Status Date Changed' drop down in the Manage Keys view. 

3.0 Defects Fixed.

3.1 Attachments now available in 'Manage People Notes'.

The entries created in 'Manage People Notes' for system generated letters, to be sent by email, will now contain the link to the attachment that was sent out. Previously, it would state 'Attachment Unavailable' when a user clicked into the email entry for that letter. 

3.2 Letter Writer - Applicant letter blow up.

Previously an error would occur when trying to finish the 'Letter Writer' view when creating a letter for an applicant. Now the system succesfully complete the letter, sending it to the 'Authorise Letters' section.

3.3 File extension not added when users 'Print to Post' multiple items in 'Letters to Post'.

The system now correctly adds '.PDF' as the file extension when a user generates a PDF file comprising of multiple letters in the 'Letters to Post' section. Previously it was missing it off, resulting in Internet Explorer from being unable to predict what program would be needed to open the file. Whereas Chrome and Firefox still handled it. 


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