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Version 3.4 - 4th June 2013


V3.4 was released on Tuesday night June 4th 2013. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 New Functionality.

1.1 Match Applicant to Multiple Branch Areas.

New functionality has been added for companies with more than one branch to allow users to match an applicant to multiple areas across their branch network.

The property criteria tab on the applicant card has been altered to include three options that control which areas will be used. These are as follows:

All Applicant Branch Areas:
- This will match the applicant to all the areas on the branch they have been assigned to on the applicant card.

Exclude Areas from Applicant Branch:
- This option will allow the user to exclude certain areas from the branch the applicant has been assigned to in the applicant card.

Select Areas from Multiple Branches:
- This will allow users to select areas across all the branches in their network, depending on their user level. A dropdown selector has been added to the areas view so that each branch can be selected, refreshing the view to show the areas for that particular branch. Any area selected will be added to a list which will then be used to match the applicant to available properties. 

1.2 Deposit amount split based on number of tenants.

Users will now have the ability to split the deposit amount equally, based on the number of tenants in the property. Previously, the system would only split it based on each tenants share of the rent. 

The deposit details on the instruction has been moved into its ownsection to make it clearer for the user. A tick box has been added that will enable the 'split between tenants evenly' functionality. It will be unticked by default.

1.3 Attach PDF to maintenance job and print with invoice.

 A new tab called 'Documents' has been added to the saved maintenance job view. This is accessible once a maintenance job has been added and the user has navigated to either 'Manage all Jobs' or 'Manage Jobs by Property' and has clicked the small pencil on the maintenance job item.

This tab allows the user to upload any documents that relate to the maintenance jobs. These documents could be a contractor invoice or receipts etc.

For any valid PDF file that gets uploaded, a tick box will appear on the document item under the heading 'Include in next invoice'. This will be unchecked by default. If checked, this tick box will flag that document and will merge it into the invoice PDF the next time an invoice is created for the landlord of that property. This means the invoice item that gets sent to the postbag, or generated by clicking 'Print' on one of the invoice creation views, will be one file that will be made up of the invoice as well as any document that has been marked for printing.

Once the invoice has been authorised, it will save the file as it is and will remove the tick from the box on the maintenance job to prevent that document appearing in the next round of invoices. Users are able to check the box after printed to include that document again.

This functionality will only merge PDF files that pass through validation. Some may require the user to open them in Microsoft Word first and save them as a PDF to make sure it is the correct PDF format. 

2.0 Software Improvements. 

2.0 Postbag grid size increased. 

Authorise Letters:
This grid on this view has been increased from 10 items per page to 30. 

Letters to Post:
A 'grid size' selector has been added to this view to allow the user to set the number of items displayed as either 25, 50, 100 or 150. Allowing one large file to be created, made up of multiple letters, that can then be sent to the print room.

2.1 Additional fields added to reports.

Below are the details of the additional fields that have been added to various reports:

All Active Tenancies Report:
- Landlord Payment Status
- Property Reference

NRL Annual and Quarterly Exports:
- Landlord Branch

All Peoples List:
- Landlord Status

Chase Tenant Money Owed Export:
- Service Type
- Tenant ID

2.2 Changes to Applicant Card.

The following changes have been made to the 'Applicant Card' to make it more userfriendly.

'Property Criteria' tab:
The maximum rent amount has been increased from 10,000 to 50,000

'Matching Property' tab:
This view has been updated to make it easier for the user to see suitable properties.

The properties have now been split into two grids, one for 'suitable properties' and the other for 'past viewings / future viewings and unsuitable properties'. Marking a property as unsuitable in the suitable properties grid will result in it moving down into the second grid.

The viewing history text for each property item has also been updated. It will now display all the details of booked, cancelled and future arranged viewings under the 'available from' line of text. The viewing information that is in brackets that follows the address of the property, will now display the status of the most current action. I.e it will state 'viewing arranged' if the latest action on the property is a viewing.



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