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Version 3.3 - 22nd April 2013



V3.3 was released on Monday night April 22nd 2013. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 System Changes.

1.1 Additional Deposit Types to be added.
This release is focused around the introduction of new deposit protection schemes in Northern Ireland, as well as additional schemes for England and Wales.

The new schemes to be added to the system are as follows:

- TDS Northern Ireland: Custodial
- TDS Northern Ireland: Insured
- My Deposits Northern Ireland: Custodial
- My Deposits Northern Ireland: Insured
- LPS Northern Ireland: Custodial
- Capita Northern Ireland: Custodial
- Capita Northern Ireland: Insured
- Capita England Wales
- DPS: Insured

Also the current DPS scheme has been changed to DPS: Custodial.

1.2 Deposit Report changes/additions.
Tenant Bond Deposits Held.
The 'Tenant Bond Deposits Held' report has had a bit of a makeover. The service type picker has been removed and has been replaced by a download button for the breakdown of each deposit type. The view has also been updated to include all new deposit types.

Another change to this report is that it is no longer an overnight report, it is now live. This means users are now able to select a specific date that will update the totals to show the amounts held for each deposit type on that particular day.

Tenant Bond Deposits Outstanding.
The above changes have also been applied to this report but obviously instead of showing the total held for each type, it shows the total outstanding for each type.

Tenant Deposits Held Custodial.
This report will show all tenants that have a Bond ID for each custodial scheme deposit type on a certain date. A breakdown download has also been added to this view.

3.0 User Interface update.
After this release you will notice that the system has been given a bit of a facelift. This was done to match the colour scheme of brand new marketing site that is soon to be unveiled.

The system itself will work in exactly the same way as before.   


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