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Version 3.1 - 25th March 2013


V3.1 was released on Monday March 25th 2013. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 System Changes

1.1 Authorise Letters - Email sending options.
New functionality has been added to the 'Office > Post Bag > Authorise Letters' section that will allow you to select a particular email address to be used when sending out letters by email.

Previously, the system would use the email address of the branch that the landlord/tenant belonged to, rather than that of the staff member sending out the letters by email. A selector has been added to allow clients to carry on using the authorise letters section in this way.

The new functionality consists of an 'Email From' drop down selector placed at the top of the view. This will allow you to select certain letters that are to be sent by email and instead of using the branch email address, users are able to select any email address that is available to them.

Replies sent to these emails will appear in the In Tray that that the email account has been set to point to. For instance, if you send out letters using 'maintenance@' and that has been set up as a company email address, the replies will come into the companies main In Tray. Rather than that of the branch the person belongs to.

1.2 All Staff selector.
Another change has been made to the 'Office > Post Bag > Authorise Letters' section. The staff selector will now allow you to browse through all staff members on the system when the Counties and Branch selectors are set to 'All'. Previously, you would have had to select a particular branch before being able to select a staff member.

1.3 Landlord Portfolio Performance Report.
A new report has been added to 'Lettings > Landlords'

This report provides detailed financial performance of a landlords property portfolio for any given date range. It includes Rent Performance, Maintenance Deductions and Fees. This is useful as a basis for a detailed management report to be sent to landlords with large property portfolios.

1.4 Manage all Jobs - 'Show All' status picker.
A new option has been added to the 'Status' filter on the 'Manage All Jobs' view for 'Show All'. This will allow all jobs with different status' to be displayed.

1.5 Debtors and Creditors tweak.
The Debtors and Creditors report has been rewritten in order to speed up the generation of the report as well as reducing the number of database hits that occur when it is run. In order for these changes to work, we have had to alter the view slightly.

Previously, the results would update based on what was selected in the County\Branch drop down. However now the report will just display the totals for all Branches and selecting different ones from the drop down will only alter the content that is made available in the download files. So users are still able to gather the totals on a per branch basis.

2.0 Defects Fixed.

2.1 'Main Photo' and photo ordering defect.
The defect that was causing all photos added to the Opening Inventory\Interim Inspection\Closing Inspection wizards to be displayed as the main image, as well as causing an error when trying to change the order, has now been fixed.

2.2 Tenant Status Information Fixed
The defect that was preventing the tenant status information (the line underneath the tenant's name stating property etc.) from updating has now been fixed. It will now update if you have signed the tenancy, set the end date etc.

2.3 Views Fixed.
The following views, which previously caused an error when trying to load, have now been fixed:

- Manage Email Accounts
- Tenancy Marketing Statistics Report

2.4 Property to Rent list filter.
The 'Service Type' filter on the 'Marketing > Printing > Properties to Rent list' view has now been fixed so that the results are filtered by the selected type.

2.5 Renewing Tenancy blow up.
The issue that was preventing some tenancies on the system from being renewed has now been resolved.

2.6 Deleting Room blow up.
It is now possible to alter the rooms and complete the property details wizard without causing an error.

2.7 Payment Schedule not automatically populating.
When setting up new instructions, the system will not automatically assign the rent amount in the payment schedule for the first tenant that is added. Previously there was a defect that was causing all tenants added to show as '£0' in the rent schedule.

2.8 'Room in Property' properties not being fed to Rightmove.
Advertised Instructions that have been set as 'Room in Property' are once again being sent up to the portals such as Rightmove.

2.9 Applicants not showing up on Matching Properties.
The defect that was causing applicants to not show up as matching on the 'Applicants Matching Properties' view, even though they matched on the applicant card, has now been fixed.

2.10 New Email Accounts being set as default.
Previously, when a new email account was added to 'Control Panel > Manage Email > Manage Email Accounts' the system was requesting that it be made the default account, even though a default account had already been set for that Branch\Staff member. This issue has now been fixed.


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