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Version 3.0 - 10th March 2013


V3.0 was released on Sunday March 10th 2013. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 System Changes

1.0 Infrastructure Upgrade.
This release is mostly composed of a major upgrade to the layer between the business objects and the database. This is to provide a platform to maintain system performance and business resilience.

1.1 Safe Deposits Scotland upload file.
It is now possible to download all of the tenancy information for your Safe Deposits Scotland tenancies, so that it can be uploaded to the Safe Deposits website.

The file can be found by navigating to 'Reports > Tenancy Reports > Safe Deposits Upload File'

1.2 Limit set on number of email recipients.
A limit has been set on the number of recipients that can be added to outgoing emails. The maximum number has been set as fifty.

1.3 Outgoing mail size limit.
A limit has been set on the size of outgoing emails. The limit is now 10mb.

1.4 Reconcile Bank Statement view tweaks.
- New colour, green, added to key to identify posted entries.
- Search button removed. The view now posts back and updates results when any of the filters are changed.

1.5 Authorise Letters - Letter selector.
We have deployed the burst grid functionality to the authorise letters section in order to reduce the number of post backs to the datebase, speeding up the view. This now means it is no longer possible to select the items on say page 1, click page 2, select items on there and then action all of them in one go. You are now limited to one page at a time.

1.6 Search button removed from 'Reconcile Bank Statements' view.
The search button has been removed from this view as the filters themselves will now refresh the results.

2.0 SOAP Service Change

2.1 Client/Context ID changed for all clients.
The client/context ID has now changed format. We currently have a workaround in place that will map the existing IDs to the new ones so that service is unaffected.

If your developers have hard coded any Client/Branch IDs then you will find that the property search function will not work. It is advised that they use the GetBranch method to return the correct ID instead of hard coding it. However, if you contact Client Support then they can provide you with the correct Branch ID to use. It will however break again if we need to alter it in the future.

We will be setting a cut off point for the workaround, so please get in touch with Client Support so that they can provide you with the correct client/context ID to send over to your developers.


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