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Update to Version 2.17.5 - 5th November 2012


The update to V2.17.5 was released on Monday night November 5th 2012. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 Improvements to Functionality.

A new option for "My Deposits Scotland Upload File" can now be added to the system when activated by LetMC staff. The option appears under the "Reports > Tenancy Reports" file.

This new screen allows you to download a CSV file which is in the format specified by the My Deposits Scotland scheme for use with their upload facility. The file can be used to register tenancies that you have collected deposits for and wish to protect.

The report is an "overnight" report. You can filter the available tenancies by Start Date and also by branch.

Please note that care should be taken when uploading this file to MyDeposits Scotland so that tenancies you have already registered do not get registered again . The MyDeposits Scotland system will only identify a previously registered tenancy (and highlight it to you) if "Tenancy Start Date", "Tenancy End Date", "Lead Tenant Forename", "Lead Tenant Surname", "Properties Address Line 1" and "Property Postcode" ALL match to an existing record. Otherwise, duplicate records could be created.

There are also a number of fields which require manual entry in to the CSV before the file can be processed by MyDeposits Scotland. Particular attention should be paid to the following fields:

Field not present on LetMC - these are blank in the CSV file and will require manual entry

- Local Authority of Property
- Tenancy Type
- Landlord BFPO

Field not mandatory on LetMC - these could be blank in CSV file

- Landlord Title
- Landlord Forename
- Landlord Phone
- Landlord Email
- Tenant Title
- Tenant Forename
- Tenant Address Line 1
- Tenant Postcode
- Tenant Email
- Tenant Mobile
- Tenant Telephone

More information on completing the upload file can be found in the My Deposits Scotland importer guide.

Further to the above, please also note the "logic" behind some of the other fields in the CSV file:

- "Property Type" is either "House", "Flat", "Room", "Maisonette" based on LetMC's "Property Type" field for the first 2 options. It is "Room" if "Room in Shared House" is ticked on landlord instruction. It is never "Maisonette"
Titles may not match exactly to the specification MyDeposits Scotland provide because "Title" on LetMC is a free text field

- "Deposit Amount" is calculated as the total amount of money on all tenants of a tenancy that has been transferred to a Contractor from the "MyDeposits Scotland Bond Held" account

- "Date Deposit Paid" is the date of the last credit on the "My Deposits Scotland Bond Held" accounts for a tenancy.

- "Tenancy Agreement End Date" is the "End Date" on LetMC, and the "Fixed Date" if there is no "End Date"


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