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Version 2.17.5 - 1st October 2012


V2.17.5 was released on Monday night October 1st 2012. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 Improvements to Functionality.

1.1 Custom Payment Schedules.
A new node has been added to ' Control Panel > Object Types ' called 'Rent Schedule Templates'. This section allows custom payment schedule templates to be created, to then be added to an instruction.

Users will be able to select the date that the schedule will start on and set how many days rent to charge for. Multiple schedules can be added per template. The templates can be set up to be applied either 'Per Tenancy' or 'Per Tenant'.

1.2 Alternative recipient address for system letters.
This release will allow users to select which address the system generated letters get sent to for a particular person. Meaning a landlord could have the majority of their letters sent to their home address but have any invoices / management reports sent directly to their accountant.

In order to do this a new node has been added to 'Lettings > Instructions and Tenancies' called 'Manage Person Letter Recipients'. It has also been added to the maintenance tab. This node will allow you to search for a person (Landlord, Tenant or Contractor) and select a letter from a list of all those available to that person and then set the address that will get displayed once generated.

More addresses can be made available by adding them on the 'Contacts List' stage of the modify a person wizard. A new contact type called 'Organisation' has been added to the landlord and contractor contact list.

1.3 Interim Inspection update.
The interim inspection section of the system has been updated. These updates include:

Page layout.
The layout of the interim inspection page has now been changed to a tabbed format for each section to make it more user friendly.

Last inspection date.
The date of the last inspection that was added to the system is now present on the Interim Inspection tab next to the 'Inspection Carried out' date. If the tenancy is a renewal and this is the first inspection being carried out then it will look back to the last inspection carried out on the previous tenancy.

A new tab has been added for recommendations. This allows the user to enter advisories for the tenant/landlord based on the outcome of the inspection. The information entered into this field will also be present in the inspection letter.

A new tab has been added to allow the user to upload photos taken during the inspection to highlight certain issues etc. These photos will also be inserted into the inspection letter.

*Please note that the new additions to the inspection letter will only apply to clients using our standard letter templates. Therefore, if you have previously asked for your interim inspection letter to be customised then you will have to contact our documentation team in order to have the updates applied to your letter.

1.4 Letters sent by email authorisation change.
A change has been made to the way system generated letters get sent by email from the postbag. If a letter that is to be sent by email is created for a landlord who belongs to Branch A but is authorised by a staff member of Branch B, the system will now use the default email address for Branch A.

Previously, the system would use the default email address of the branch that the staff member belonged to.

1.5 Additions made to the Vacant Properties report
The Vacant Properties report has been updated to include new fields and has also been renamed to 'Vacant / Let / Advertised Properties'.

The new fields are as follows:

Current Status
Advertised Rent
Days Occupied in last 365 Days:
This is worked out by looking back 365 days and totalling up the number of days that are covered by signed tenancies.

Days Vacant in last 365 Days:
Will total up the number of days that aren't covered by signed tenancies in the last 365 days.

Days Advertised in last 365 Days:
In order to work this out, a new field has been added under the bonnet. What this field does is record the total number of days an instruction is marked as advertised on the system. This value is then incremented once the instruction is either cancelled or a let agreed tenancy is proposed. Any time this instruction gets marked as advertised, the number of days will be added to this field to keep it up to date.

The view has also been updated. Users are now able to generate historic month end reports. Also you can now download the report showing only the vacant properties or the report containing all of the properties on the system.

1.6 Guarantor tags added to Custom Letter templates
Users are now able to insert the following values into the custom letter templates that are used by the Letter Writer:

Guarantor Title
Guarantor Forename
Guarantor Forename Initial
Guarantor Middlename
Guarantor Middlename Initial
Guarantor Surname
Guarantor Address
Guarantor LandPhone, Fax, MobilePhone and Email

They are located at the bottom of the 'Tenant/Guarantor Tag' drop down list.

1.7 Card Refund limit increased
The limit for making a card refund has been increased from 10,000 to 100,000.

1.8 Additions to 'All Active Tenancies' report.
The following fields have been added to this report:

Previous Inspection
States the date of the last interim inspection that was carried out at the property.

Has Gas
States whether or not there is a gas supply present at the property. Taken from the tick box on the properties details wizard.

1.9 Extension letters added to person notes.
The system will now record a note on a person when a tenancy extension letter is sent to them. This applies to both landlords and tenants. Whereas previously the letter would go unrecorded.

1.10 'Download All' option added to sales draw down view.
Clients using the draw down paid sales only functionality will now be able to download the paid sales and unpaid sales exports for all branches in one go, instead of having to download them individually.

1.11 Ability to carry out multiple Land Registry searches on a property.
This update will allow you to perform a Land Registry search multiple times on an individual property.

1.12 IP lockdown exemption.
The ability to make certain staff members exempt from the IP lockdown functionality has now been added. This will allow staff to have access to the system from any location while still preventing access to the rest of the users, unless in the set location.

*If you would like to make certain staff members exempt then please contact our client support team. Please bear in mind that only the account holder can request exemptions.

1.13 New report nodes added.
The following reports have been added to the 'Marketing > Mail Merge' section:

All Online Applicants List.
All Tenants List.
All Prospects List.

The following report has been added to the 'Reports > Aduit Reports' section:

Staff List Report.

No views have been created for these reports. They are downloaded by clicking on the nodes.

2.0 Defects Fixed.

2.1 Contractor not saving when added to a maintenance job.
If a contractor was selected when adding a maintenance job through the certificates wizard, it would not have saved unless the job sheet was emailed to them first. This has now been fixed.

2.2 Interim inspection job type not saving when adding maintenance job through the inspection wizard.
Previously, when adding a maintenance job in the interim inspection wizard the system automatically selects the job type as 'Interim Inspection'. However, the job type would revert back to general upon completion. The job type will now correctly save as 'Interim Inspection'.

2.3 County/Branch selector doesn't default to that of the property selected on 'Manage Jobs by Property' view
The 'Maintenance > Maintenance Jobs > Manage Jobs by Property' view will now default to the County and Branch of the selected property so that the jobs are visible as soon as the view is accessed.

2.4 Quick view End Notices blow up fixed
Previously the system would produce an error screen when clicking on 'View End Notices' on the instruction view of the 'Properties To Rent' quick view result.

2.5 Forecast management fees report total not updating
The 'Total Management Fee' figured previously wasn't updating if you selected a branch with a zero total after having chosen a branch with a total.

2.6 Attachments not visible on 'Email Rental List' send email view
Attachments will now be displayed on the email confirmation view on the final screen of the 'Marketing > Printing > Email Rental List' wizard.

2.7 'Modify an Applicant Card' caching previous results
If an applicant was selected on the 'Modify an Applicant' view but then the back button was clicked in the action bar and then a different applicant selected, the property criteria would still be that of the orginal applicant. This has now been fixed.

2.8 Paid Sales Defect
In certain scenarios, invoices were not being marked as fully paid even though the balance of the account was zero. It was due to a defect with the way that the entries on the account were being invoiced. This will only effect clients using the draw down paid sales only functionality.

*We will be running a script that will identify any invoices that are effected by this and then mark them as fully paid to resolve the issue.


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