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Version 2.17.4 - 20th August 2013


V2.17.4 was released on Monday night August 20th 2012. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 Improvements to Functionality.

1.1 Email Domain Changes
1.1a Ability to add multiple custom domains
The update made to the LetMC email functionality means that users are able to have multiple custom email domains added to their system. For example, currently the email address assigned by the system ends with ''. With this new functionality users will be able to have this set as their company name, marketing name or an alternative, i.e. '', ''.

Any email that gets sent to a staff member at the new domain address will appear in the In Tray as normal. If you would like more information on this or would like to have a custom domain set up on your system then please contact Client Support or visit our App Store.

Charges will be applicable for this service.

1.1b Create custom email addresses
Users are now able to create custom email addresses that will be received in the In Tray. Previously the only address available would be ''. After this update you will be able to configure the first part of the email to allow custom email addresses to be created, such as '' without having to create an accounts staff member.

Custom email addresses can be assigned to a particular branch or to an individual staff member. Multiple email addresses can be assigned to a branch/staff member.

1.1c Set default email address for Branch and Staff member
With the new functionality users can select which email address they would like to be used as the default for the company, branch or staff member. Default email addresses will be used to populate the email address field on all documentation.

1.2 Further In-Tray Improvements
The previous release saw a slide out function box added to the In Tray, allowing users to assign items as well as mark them as read/unread and completed. This has now been developed further. Now, instead of hovering the cursor over the arrow next to the In Tray item, the function box will now appear by placing the cursor over the title of the item. The box will appear to the right of the title and contains the same buttons as before but this time will also include a preview if the item is an email or a text message.

*Users will need to ensure that their browsers are running the latest version. Also it will be necessary to refresh the page (press F5) when navigating to the In Tray after the release in order to refresh the code.

1.3 Updates to Reports
The following reports have had extra fields added to them:

Advertised Properties
- 'Access & Joint Instruction' information from landlord instruction.
- Acceptable Tenant Types.
- Key Number for Office set.
- Key Number for Tenant set.
- 'Security Notes' information from Keys wizard.
- Advertised Rent
- Minimum Rent
- Number of Beds
- Furnished status

'Tenancies in Let Agreed Stage' and 'All Active Tenancies'
- Date tenancy was Let Agreed.

1.4 Certificate details and Maintenance Jobs added to Quick View
An update has been made to the Tenancy Quick View screen to display details of all certificates associated to that property and maintenance jobs that have also been linked to it. Users will be able to click into the new sections and be directed straight to the relevant views to make any necessary amendments.

1.5 Access & Joint Instruction details added to Diary print out.
A new field has been added to the diary print out so that the information entered into the 'Access & Joint Instruction' text box on the first page of the landlord screen is now displayed on the PDF.

1.6 New print job data tags available
New data tags have been made available for selected letters that are generated by the system. If you would like them added to your letters then please contact our documentation team. The new tags are as followed:

Tenancy Agreement:
- Advertised Rent amount
- Guarantor phone, Email and Fax
- Tenant 'Post Tenancy Address'

Landlord Instruction Confirmation Letter:
- Rent Guaranteed Fee

2.0 Defects Fixed.

2.1 Renewed Tenancy Utility letters.
Previously, if a service type was set up to only send out utility letters to new tenancies, the system would still automatically generate the utility letters for the renewal tenancy. This has now been fixed so that these letters are no longer created.


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