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Version 2.17.3 - 18th June 2012


V2.17.3 was released on Monday night June 18th 2012. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 Improvements to Functionality.

1.1 Make Direct Debits due early.
After this release, Agents who collect rent by Direct Debit will be able to call the payment early instead of waiting for the actual rent due date. A new field has been added to the 'Company Details' and 'Branch Details' view that allows a value to be entered that determines how many days early the system will make the rent due and allow the Direct Debit to be called.

If you would like to set up your system to call the Direct Debit payments early then please contact client support.

1.2 Scottish deposit schemes added.
From 2nd July 2012 it will be mandatory for all private landlords in Scotland to register deposits with one of three new approved deposit protection schemes; The Letting Protection Service Scotland (LPS), SafeDeposits Scotland and MyDeposits Scotland.

In order to be compliant with these regulations, the LetMC system will be updated to include these three new deposit schemes. They will be available to select from the 'Service Type' wizard and will be visible on the tenants accounts as well as allowing the ID's for each scheme to be recorded on the system.

1.3 Persons account view improvements.
Due to the addition of six new accounts (three outstanding bond and three bond held accounts), the persons account view has been altered slightly to ensure the content is easily read.

Previously, each account would have a subheading stating the name of the tenant, address of the rented property and the tenancy dates and stage. This has now been stripped out of each line and added to the header in order to condense the size of the accounts grid.

The ordering of the accounts has also changed so that they are now grouped together based on account type.

1.4 Last invoice paid amount and date added to 'People in Credit' view.
The 'People in Credit' view has been updated to now include the amount of the last payment made to that person as well as a link to the last invoice that was generated for the account.

1.5 'In Tray' view modifications.
- Burst grid implemented to speed up page loading.
- Ability to view 'All' In Tray items has been removed due to usage. Now have the option of viewing all entries from this year, and then each previous year back to 2007.
- Addition of a search function. Can search through the In Tray for specific senders, subject headings and content in the subheading of the item.
- New function slider: allows users to set the status of an item to 'Complete', 'Assign to me', 'Mark as read' or 'Mark as unread' by clicking the small arrow and selecting the relevant button. May require you to press F5 on the in tray view to reset the browsers Javascript in order for this new function to work correctly.

1.6 Closing Inspection letters now get sent to Post Tenancy address.
The logic for the closing inspection letters has been altered so that it now defaults those letters to the tenant's post tenancy address. If no post tenancy address has been set then it will insert the next of kin address.

1.7 Landlord contact details and next inspection date added to 'All Active Tenancies' report.
The 'All Active Tenancies' report now includes fields for the permanent address of the landlord. The date for the next schedule inspection for that tenancy has also been added.

1.8 'Property' and 'Property Source' now set for property maintenance deductions.
The system will now record the address and source of the property if contractor commission is deducted when carrying out a property maintenance deduction.

This information is fed into the un-invoiced and invoiced sales reports so that the user is able to filter all sales types based on either the property or the property source. Previously, those fields were blank for contractor commission.

1.9 Albacs Direct Debit type
A new Direct Debit type has been added to the system so that it works in conjunction with Albacs.

1.10 New bank account types added to the system.
The following bank account types can now be uploaded to the system for reconciliation:

Santander Business Account

1.11 Facilities can now be assigned a 'Type' for use with the City Lets property portal.
In the "Control Panel > Object Types > Facility Types" view, users are now able to assign a 'Type' when adding on a new or amending an existing facility. These types are used to pair up with the corresponding fields that are available on this property portal.

1.12 Last notified date added to the 'Notify Applicants' grid.
A new field for the date an applicant was last notified has been added to the "Marketing > Lettings Tools > Notify Applicants" grid. A last notified selector has also been added to that view so that the results can be filtered based on how long ago the applicants were notified.

2.0 Client website improvements.

2.1 Photo carousel for property phtos.
The way property photos are viewed on the websites has been revamped. Instead of loading up the image in a new browser tab, users are able to rotate between the photos in a lightbox style carousel.

2.2 Cookie compliance notice
A banner can be added to the website informing visitors that cookies are stored when using the site. A link to a page containing information on the new cookie legislation is also included. Please contact LetMC if you would like this activated.

3.0 Defects Fixed

3.1 Maintenance Job now saves when the job sheet has been emailed
The system will now save the details of a maintenance job that is added and then emailed to the contractor. Previously the job sheet would be sent by email but the actual job wouldn't have saved on the system.

3.2 Utility letter logic for start and end letters fixed
New tags have been added to the utility letters print job file so that the content of the letters can be customised based on whether the letter is for the start or end of a tenancy.

If you would like the content of your letters altered so that the moving out letter is different from the move in letter then please get in touch with the documentation team who will action those changes for you.

For LetMC Staff: The master print job file for the letters will be updated to include the new tags and altered content as standard.

3.3 Address Finder validation removed from initial view.
Users will no longer be instructed to enter part of an address before being redirected to the search view. Instead they will be taking direcly to this page where they will be able to enter the details they have available for the particular address.

3.4 Service types drop down now in alphabetical order.
The service types list has now been sorted into alphabetical order. This applies to the 'Control Panel > Object Types > Tenancy Service Types' view as well as the service type drop down selector on the last page of the instruction and on the add/modify landlord wizard.

3.5 Bank of Scotland corporate account BACs file change.
The Bank of Scotland corporate BACs type now inserts the account name as the beneficiary name, instead of using the person's name. Non alpha numerical characters will be stripped out in order to prevent the bank from rejecting the file due to formatting errors.

3.6 Default values can now be set for landlord marketing source and status.
The ability to set a default source and status for a landlord has been added. The system defaults will be set as 'Unknown'.

3.7 Searching Land Registry using exisitng address details defect.
When carrying out a land registry search on an existing property, the system now correctly maps the address values into the corresponding fields on the land registry search page. Previously, address line 1 was being fed into the building name field instead of the street name field.

4.0 For LetMC Staff:

4.1 IP address entries can now be removed.
The defect that prevented entries in the IP address filtering section of the security config has now fixed. Any exisitng and new IP address ranges can now be successfully removed from that list.

4.2 Spelling Correction.
'tbLandlordettingsTenancyExtensionType' renamed to amend correction.

4.3 CSS style sheet uploader for sites.
The standard CSS IDs and Classes can now be overridden by uploading a custom CSS style sheet.

4.4 Validation on branch name improved.
To prevent issues occuring with the database, the validation on branch names has been tightened to prevent illegal characters such as '&' from being included in the name. It will now only allow alphanumerical characters and underscores to be used in the branch name.


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