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Version 2.17.2 - 14th May 2012


V2.17.2 was released on Monday night May 14th 2012. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 Improvements to Functionality.

1.1 Citylets Uploader
The LetMC system will now be able to upload details of your advertised properties to the Citylets property portal. If you have an account with them then let one of our support staff know and they will be able to set up the connection on your system.

1.2 Take a payment receipts can now be emailed
As well as being able to print out the receipt, an option has been added that allows you to generate an email to the person the payment was taken on which includes the receipt as an attachment.

1.3 Rightmove photo limit increased to 20
The limit for the number of photos that get fed up to Rightmove, for each property, has now been increased to 20. This increase will also effect other uploaders that use the Rightmove V3 format.

1.4 New bank uploader types
The following bank types have been added to the system to allow users to upload the bank statements for their accounts:

Co-operative Bank
Lloyds TSB Group - Corporate Account
Yorkshire Bank - Current Account 2012

1.5 Tenancy Fixed Date added to Landlord Management Report
On the Landlord Management Report print out, underneath the Tenancy Agreements heading, the agreement date output has been changed so that it now includes the fixed date for each tenancy.

1.6 New landlord 'Licence Number' field.
A new field has been added to the landlord details page to store the landlord's Licence Number. This new field has been added in preparation for the future introduction of Scottish tenancy deposit schemes.
LetMC Staff: It will also appear in the staging area where it can be imported directly into the system.

This field will also be made available to the following reports:

Active Landlords List
All People List

1.7 New property source object type.
A new object type has been added to the system so that the source of a property can be set. Custom source types can be added by navigating to 'Home > Control Panel > Object Types > Property Source Types' which are then available to select by using the new property source drop down in the modify a property wizard.

The property source field has been added to the following reports:

All Active Tenancies
Invoiced Sales
Un-invoiced Sales

2.0 Defects Fixed

2.1 Letter writer defects
- The tenancy address can now be selected as the recipient for tenants so that letters can be sent to that address.
- The recipient name is now included in the address block of the letter.
- A new tag has been added which outputs the property number and address line 1 for each of the properties owned
by the selected landlord.
- The 'default address' recipient has been removed.
- All characters can now be entered into the content of the letter without causing an error.
- Recipient name tags now work for landlords.
- Letters can now include the last searched land registry result for that landlord without causing an error.

2.2 Invoice not marked as paid defect
The defect which prevented charges being marked as paid by the amount of a refund has now been fixed. Previously, if a charge was applied to an account and then refunded, the refund would be marked as fully paid but the initial charge would still show as unpaid. This has now been rectified. Please bear in mind that this only applies to users who have the 'Only draw down paid sales' functionality enabled.

2.3 Paid sales and pending maintenance deduction defect
Previously, if a landlord that had pending maitenance deductions and unpaid charges on their account received funds, the system would pay the pending deductions off by that amount but it would also do the same for the charges. This has been fixed so it now only pays the charges once any pending maintenance deductions have been paid in full.

2.4 Extended tenancy payment schedule defect
If you extend a tenancy the system will now automatically end the current payment schedule on the existing fixed date and create a new one to start the day after, which will run until the new proposed fixed date. Whereas previously, it would end the current payment schedule on the day before the existing fixed date, then create a new schedule that starts on the day of the exisitng fixed date. This meant the payment due date was out of sync.

2.5 Room description not saving
Previously, if you added a room with no description to a property and then went back into that property to set a description, it wouldnt save the first time around. This has now been fixed so that the description is added and saved correctly, without having to go back in again and edit it.

2.6 Certificate reminders not being assigned to appointed staff member
The system will now assign the 'Certificate due' In Tray items to the staff member who has been allocated in the Modify a Branch wizard. Before this fix the system would allocate some of the items to the designated staff member but assign the remainder to 'All Staff'.

2.7 'Diary Appointments' report states incorrect 'person'
The Appointment Breakdown Report for diary appointmens now states, in the 'Person' column, the name of the staff member who the appointment was created for. Previously it would duplicate the name of the staff member who creatd the appointment.

For LetMC Staff Members:

2.8 Bank upload type alterations.
A small change has been made to the Bank of Scotland Corporate account type so that the uploader now accepts the value 'S/O' if present in the statement download.

The Barclays Current Account bank type has also been slightly altered so that it now works for both BIB and BB< formats, whereas previously it wouldn't allow the BIB file type to upload.

2.9 Company name and Trading Statement branch override print job fix
If a client has values entered in the branch override fields for these tags then the correct details will be displayed in the following print jobs:

End Notices
Extension letters
Contractor Worksheet

Whereas previously it would insert the values entered in the Company Details view.


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