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Version 2.17.1 - 23rd April 2012


V2.17.1 was released on Monday night April 23rd 2012. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 New Features and Improvements.

1.1 Land Registry Search
This release includes a range of new features in LetMC, along with an industry first; an integrated Land Registry search. This will allow a user to connect to the Land Registry and retrieve information about the owner of a particular property. Since 45%* of landlords do not live in the same area as their rental property, the new search feature will allow you to find their current contact address.

New Node under Marketing > Land Registry > Land Registry Search

Enter a property address to connect to Land Registry, select a matching property, and retrieve the property owner information. As a basis for a search, you can import addresses from LetMC for example Tenant Pre Tenancy, Applicant Address, or Property Address.

Once a result is received, you can link this to an Existing landlord if they are already on your system. Linked Land Registry searches appear under the "Landlord Properties" tab in Modify Landlord Details.

Instead of linking to an existing landlord, you can Create a New Landlord. This creates the landlord and links the LR result as above to this new record.

1.2 New Landlord Fields
There are now 2 new fields on a Landlord, Marketing Source and Marketing Status. These are configurable in Control Panel so that clients can choose what appears in the drop down menu.

A landlord that is created from a Land Registry result will have a source set as "Land Registry".

These new fields have been added to various Tenancy Reports.


There is a default limit to the number of searches you can do in a month (3). If a person has searched their maximum number (currently 3) of searches in a month then they cannot search any more until the next month. If a customer wishes to search more, they must call LetMC and ask for the limit to be raised.

Marketing > Land Registry > Manage All Land Registry Searches

This screen shows all the searches completed in a month. The screen is filterable so that a client can find a specific search.

1.3 Master Reports
New report for LetMC to export Land Registry search usage.

1.4 Basic Letter Writer
This is the ability to write a letter to a person on the system, or one of a person's contacts (e.g. Landlord Accountant). There is a new option under Office > Postbag > Write a Letter as well as links on the Quick View screens. It is also possible to write a letter once a Landlord has been created from a Land Registry Search Result.

The letter writer allows a user to enter the body of a letter in to a free field text box. Once completed, this puts a PDF of the letter in the Postbag to be authorised.

To write a letter, a landlord, tenant or contractor must be selected so that the system can record notes appropriately. Once selected, the user chooses a Recipient from the drop down list which could be to the person themselves (i.e. the Tenant) or one of their contact addresses (i.e. the Guarantor). It is also possible to select "manual recipient" which means the address block of the letter will not be populated at all - in this case the user must type the recipient name and address in to the body of the letter.

Letter Templates
On the letter writer it is also possible to select a template letter which pre-fills the text box with default content. A client can create their own letter templates on Control Panel > Object Types > Custom Letter Templates. When creating a template it is possible to insert relevant "Info Tags" which act as merge fields for the final content (like Microsoft Word). This means that when the template is used to create a letter, parts of the letter will automatically insert relevant information such as person name, property address, etc.

There are 3 default Custom Letter Types. These are for Employer referencing, Landlord referencing, and writing to Prospective Landlords. A client can modify any of these letters as they see fit.

When creating a letter template it is also possible to Preview the letter. This pops up a PDF of the letter so that a user does not have to send it to the postbag to double check. Please note the Info Tags will not be populated in the preview.

1.5 Address Search
Where you enter addresses in LetMC a "Find Address" button can be activated. Please contact LetMC to turn this on.

This allows a user to partially enter an address, and then search for the full address. The full address (if matching property found) details are then inserted in to the LetMC address fields.

1.6 Access to EPCs
Changes have been made to allow a user to upload a PDF to the EPC certificate and select if this should be made publically available as a link. If so, it will send a link (URL) to this PDF to Rightmove and uploaders, Client Websites, and SOAP service.

On the Property Brochure print screen there is also a new button to Print EPC which allows a user to download and print the uploaded PDF.

2.0 Defects Fixed.

2.1 HTML Email attachment blow up fixed.
The issue that was preventing HTML Emails, that are received in the In Tray as attachments, from being opened has now been resolved. The system will now handle them like it did previously.

For LetMC staff members:

2.2 Master user system blow ups:
Master users should now be able to succesfully complete the views that were previously blowing up due to not having a default branch.


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