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Version 2.16.0 - 10th October 2011


Version 2.16.0 was released on Monday night October 10th 2011. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 New Functionality.

1.1 Importing Let Property Details from Estate Agent Software.
LetMC can now import lettings properties, landlords and tenants from your estate agent software by using the new Universal Bridge functionality. This means that Estate & Letting Agents using third party software for marketing properties can now easily import this information directly into the LetMC system to manage the letting and management process.

Read more about importing from Estate Agent Software..

1.2 New View to Allow Quick invoicing of Landlords who owe Agent Fees.
A new view has been added Accounting>Manage Invoices>Invoice Multiple Landlords. This shows any landlords with uninvoiced transactions of which at least one of them is a fee owed to the Letting Agent. The View allows the invoices to be quickly generated for multiple landlords. These un-paid invoices can then be managed in Accounting>Chase Money>Chase Unpaid Invoices .

1.3 Restricting Log-in to Specified Locations (IP Addresses).
It is now possible for Companies to restrict access to the LetMC login page to one or more physical locations by specifying the IP address. Please contact LetMC if you wish to use this security functionality. Under Control Panel>Administration>Security Config there is a new section called ‘IP Filtering’. In the ‘Name’ field the address of the location should be added eg ‘High St Office’ and the Start IP and the End IP are entered e.g. The IP can either be ‘Only allow access within this range:’ or ‘Exclude this range’. This means that a specific location can be denied access to the system, or more usually access to the system will only be allowed from certain locations. Any additions or removals from this list are recorded in the Reports>Audit Reports>Security Audit Reports (excluding Master level).

1.4 Manage Landlord Float Wizard.
A new wizard called Manage Landlord Float has been added under Accounting > Apply Transfer to allow the amount of float required for a landlord to be changed. Where as previouly the landlord float was adjusted by navigating to that particular landlord's details screen under the lettings tab.

It also enables an automatic journal to be posted that refunds or collects more float. If the landlord doesn't have a positive main account balance and the amount of float is increased, then the system will automatically transfer funds up to that amount each time money hits the main account.

1.5 NRL Quarterly Return now Includes a Summary Per Landlord.
The Tax Reports>NRL Quarterly Return now includes a summary per landlord like it does on the Tax Reports>NRL Annual Return .

1.6 Option to move back the date of Ended Tenancies.
A new node has been added that allows the end date of tenancies that have already ended to be moved back further into the past. This is so that a new tenancy can be created from the correct start date.

2.0 Minor Improvements.

2.1 Properties to Rent List now filters on ‘Include’ or ‘Not Include’ Student Properties.
The Marketing>Printing>Properties to Rent List now allows a list to be generated which can filter on ‘All’, ‘Include’ or ‘Not Include’ any tenancies that have ‘Advertise as Student Property’ ticked. Previously it only allowed ‘All’ or ‘Only Student Property’

2.2 Quick View Improvements.
The Quick View – Tenancy and Landlord now show the person’s title and middlename. The landlord’s email address and mobile number is now shown under their name on the Quick View – Tenancy . The Quick View – Tenancy now has a drill-in to the Maintenance Preferences and shows the Property Managed by staff member.

2.3 Tenancy Rent Schedule can now have £0 Rent Periods.
The Rent Schedule in Modify Instruction/Tenancy now allows a £0 rent period in order to accommodate free rent periods. You will need to contact LetMC Support to have this functionality enabled.

2.4 Maintenance Deduction View Shows if Landlord is NRL Tax Applicable.
The Maintenance>Make a Property Maintenance Deduction and the Make a Landlord Maintenance Deduction now shows the wording ‘This Landlord has NRL tax deducted from them. Untick this if they should get NRL tax refunded to them’ where applicable.

2.5 Tenancies Can Have an End Date before the Fixed Date.
Tenancy agreements can now have an end date which is earlier than the fixed date. This is to accommodate the situation where a tenant leaves a property early. The ability to do this is set in the Control Panel>Object Types>Tenancy End Types and the end type ‘Tenant Leaving Early’ has been automatically changed to allow this.

2.6 Tenancies Can Have a Fixed Date on the same date as the Start Date.
Tenancies are now allowed to have a Fixed Date and a Start Date on the same day.

2.7 The Deposit Management Report Export now includes Tenancy Service Type.
The Reports>Lettings Reports>Deposit Management Report export now includes a column for tenancy service type.

2.8 Tenant Details added to the Let Agreed Pipeline Report.
The Reports>Sales Reports>Let Agreed Pipeline Report export now includes the tenant(s)’s name, mobile and email.

2.9 Ending Tenancy Type Postage Days maximum increased from 14 to 30 days.
The Control Panel>Object Types>Tenancy End Types maximum postage days has been extended from 14 to 30 days. This allows a Section 21 notice to be automatically generated earlier than before.

2.10 New Bank of Scotland statement upload type.
A new bank type has been added so that LetMC users can once again upload their bank statements due to Bank of Scotland updating their upload file.

2.11 Utility Meter Reading Report tweaks.
- Tenant(s) email address has now been added to the Tenant Details section in the export.
- The filter has been changed from the 'Starting' to 'Signed' so that results are now displayed based on the date the tenancy was signed off.

2.12 Utility Letter update.
The system can now send out two different utility letters, one for the starting of the tenancy and one for the ending. Please contact the documentation team ( to request the wording you would like added for either or both of these situations.

2.13 Reconcile System to Bank Report
The Reports>Bank Reconciliation>Reconcile System to Bank Report can now only be re-run after 5 minutes has elapsed of the first request. This is so that the system is not confused by users who re-request the report while still waiting for the initial report outcome. An entry is entered into the Reports>Audit Reports>Security Audit each time this report is requested.

3.0 Defects Fixed.

3.1 Applicant Card Automatic Notification Fixes.
The automatic notifications by text and email in Marketing>Applicants>Modify Applicant Card now correctly match ‘Tenant Type’.

3.2 Applicant Card Matching Property Fixes.
The Marketing>Applicants>Modify Applicant Card now correctly shows an appointment as being cancelled.

3.3 The Deposit Management Report no longer shows Created Instructions.
The Reports>Lettings Reports>Deposit Management no longer includes tenancies thar are in the ‘New Instruction’ phase.

3.4 Font and Grammar Corrections.
A small number of small font, grammar and spelling mistakes have been corrected.

3.5 Maintenance Deduction Fix.
In the scenario where a Maintenance Deduction is partially paid, then another Maintenance Deduction is applied and then a refund that deduction, the system now correctly transfers the money to the Contractor.

3.6 Rent Guarantee Tenant Partly In Credit Now Pays Correct Rent Guarantee Amount.
In the situation where a Rent Guarantee tenancy is signed off, if the tenant is partly in credit (but not enough to cover the whole rent) then the correct rent guarantee payment will now be triggered.

3.7 Paid Sales Defect.
When using 'Draw down paid sales only' if a charge was applied to a tenant and then refunded, previously the system was not marking this invoice as fully paid. This has been rectified so that both the charge and refund invoices are marked as fully paid so that the draw down balance is correct


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