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Version 2.15.6 - September 5th 2011


V2.15.6 was released on Monday 5th September 2011. These release notes are subject to change.

1.0 Software Improvements.

1.1 Managing Tenancy Extensions and Section 13 Notices.

New functionality has been added to allow the system to be able to handle Tenancy Extensions including issuing Section 13 Notices. This includes allowing the user to schedule an extension proposal, generate extenions invitations and agreements and also keep track of all extensions in one view.

Read more about tenancy extensions..

1.2 Automatic Charging Upgrade.

The automatic charging functionality has been significantly upgraded to include the ability to automatically charge landlords and tenants on a number of different events and timings.

Read more about the automatic charging upgrade..

1.3 Ability to link a statement entry `once only' in Reconcile Bank Statements.

In Bank Reconciliation>Reconcile Bank Statements it is now possible to link to `Person as Electronic Payment' once only. Any future bank statement entries that have the same statement narrative will then not automatically link the entry to that person.

1.4 Online Tenancy Application Workitem now has .pdf Print Out.

The online tenancy workitem that is placed in the Intray for letting agents using the websites online tenancy application functionality now has the ability to print a .pdf summary of the application.

2.0 Minor Improvements.

2.1 Maintenance Job Sheets can now include different Narrative Depending on Tenancy Service Type.

The maintenance job sheet now has the ability to include different information or narrative depending on the tenancy service type.

2.2 Add Applicant Note now saves on Add rather than Finish.

When an note is added to an applicant via Modify Applicant Card the note is now saved on clicking `Add' even if `Finish' is not subsequently clicked. Any other information changed on the Applicant Card will also be saved on adding the note.

2.3 Property Brochure now includes `Room in House Available Now'.

The Marketing>Printing>Property Brochure now displays the words `Room in `property type' Available `date/now' if the `Advertise as Room In Property' is ticked on the Landlord Instruction. If the Letting Agent has modified the Property Brochure template they will have to contact us to add this new 'Room in' wording.

2.4 The Properties to Rent Upload file of type `LetMC ` now includes Property Type.

The Control Panel>Modify a Branch - Propertie to Rent Uploaders of type LetMc .csv file now includes the Property Type.

2.5 Automatic Intray Workitems can be automatically assigned to the Property Manager.

The automatically generated `Certificate Reminders', `Interim Inspection' and `Tenancy Notices' can now be configured to be automatically assigned to the `Property Managed By' Staff member in the intray. This is for Letting Agents who use the Portfolio Manage Approach of assigning a staff member to look after each property.

2.6 Landlord Self Assessment Tax Report' form now updated.

The Tax Reports>Send Self Assessment >Tax Report form has been updated. Clients with a customised SAS Report should contact and request their form be changed to the new version.

3.0 Defects Fixed.

3.1 Cancelling a Let Agreed Tenancy with a Standing Order Fixed.

It's now possible to cancel a Let Agreed tenancy where there is an Auto Transfer or Standing Order linked to the tenant.

3.2 Tenant Bond Deposits Outstanding and Landlord Floats Held Report Work for Multi County Letting Agencies.

The Reports>Accounts Reports>Tenant Bond Deposits Outstanding and the Reports>Accounts Reports>Landlord Floats Held Report now work for multi branch letting agencies that use the LetMC county security functionality.

3.3 First Landlord Record is used if No Landlord Exists for the Earliest Period.

If the system does not have a landlord record that goes back far enough for a tenancy then the first landlord record is now automatically used. This will avoid `blow up' defects.

3.4 Paid Sales Drawdown Fix.

In some scenarios some paid sales were not showing up as paid if the account balance was £0. This is now fixed.


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