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Universal Bridge


Some Estate Agents use an Estate Agency software package to manage the letting of a property. This means that they use the estate agent software to advertise the property to let, to record diary appointments and manage applicants. Once the property is let, they then use the LetMC software to create a tenancy agreement, create invoices and handle the ongoing management of the property.

The new Universal Bridge will make a connection with your Estate Agent Software allowing you to import the details of the property, landlord and tenants into the LetMC system where you can then manage the letting and management process. This means that the connection between front-office and back-office is automatic without the need to re-type the information into LetMC.

The import is usually done at one or both of these stages:-
1. On listing a property as available to let on the Estate Agent software, it is possible to import the property and landlord details into LetMC in order to create a landlord instruction/terms of business to send to the landlord.
2. Once a property is marked as 'let' on the estate agency software, then it is possible to import the property, landlord and tenant/applicant details into LetMC to create a tenancy agreement. If the landlord and property has already been imported in stage 1, then just the tenant's information is imported at this stage.

The LetMC system can also send back milestones/notes to the estate agency software when key events happen such as the tenancy being signed or the tenancy ending.

The information transferred into LetMC and the milestones sent back into the estate agency software varies depending on which Estate Agency software is being used.

LetMC encourages any Estate Agency software providers to take advantage of this functionality. Please contact LetMC to put this arrangement in place.

Setting up the connection between LetMC and the Third Party Software.

LetMC staff will require the following information in order to set up the Universal Bridge connection:

Name of Estate Agency software.
Endpoint URL (web address) of the Estate Agency software web service.
Branch ID
Agent ID
Agent username and password
Staff member's username and password

It is possible to allow multiple users on the LetMC system to have access to the Universal Bridge. In order to do this Agents will need to provide a LetMC staff member with the user credentials set by the Estate Agent software for each of the relevant staff members on the system.

LetMC Staff Only.

Read about activating a Universal Bridge on LetMC...

How the Bridge is used in the LetMC software.

The Bridge is accessed by navigating to Lettings > Instruction and Tenancies > Import Tenancy From Other Software. For Agents who have previously used the LetMC Dezrez Bridge you will notice that this has taken its place but the Dezrez Bridge will still be inside this view and will function as it did prior to the release

A list of available properties that can be imported into LetMC will be displayed. These can include properties with multiple tenants and properties that only have a landlord associated with them.

The Import Wizard.

The purpose of the Import Wizard is to check that the Property and Landlord do not already exist in LetMC and to correct the data in order to allow it to be imported into the LetMC database.

Step 1: The Property.
There are two options. Either to Import as New Property or Use Existing Property . Import as New Property is used if the property does not exist on LetMC. Once the property is imported into LetMC the Property Bridge ID is saved into LetMC. This means that when future tenancies for that property are imported only the Use Existing Property option is displayed at this point.

Step 2: The Landlord.
There are two options. Either to Import as New Landlord or Use Existing Landlord . Import as New Landlord is used if the landlord does not exist on LetMC. Once the landlord is imported into LetMC the Landlord Bridge ID is saved into LetMC. This means that when future tenancies for that Landlord’s properties are imported then only Use Existing Landlord option is displayed at this point.

Step 3: The Tenancy.

The Bridge is able to bring across properties that are advertised as well as those with a let agreed tenancy in place. If the property is already in the LetMC system the Bridge will also check to see what state the current instruction is and perform the following actions:

- If an advertised property is being brought across that has no instruction set up on the system then the Bridge will create a new instruction.

- If an advertised property is being brought across that has already been imported but has had its details changed then the Bridge will update the current instruction on the LetMC system.

- If it is a property with a let agreed tenancy in place then the Bridge will copy across the tenancy details and create a new instruction in the 'Let Agreed' stage. The Bridge will not update a previously imported let agreed tenancy if it shows up on the bridge again. Any changes can be made directly in the LetMC system.

The Bridge will import the details for the chosen instruction/tenancy that are set on the Estate Agent software. This includes the agreed rent amount, tenancy start date and fixed date. The Applicants from the Estate Agent software linked to the Tenancy will be included under the Tenants Tab and will then be entered into the system as new tenants. It will also ask to select the Tenancy Service Type e.g. Managed or Let-only that have already been set up on LetMC.

Confirm Importing.
Once any missing details for property, landlord or tenancy are completed then you can click Next to go to the Confirm Importing step.
This step will advise on the actions that LetMC will take on importing the information. This should be read carefully as there is no option to reverse the import once this step is confirmed by clicking Finish . The information has now been placed in the LetMC database.

Completing the Signing of the Tenancy.
You should go to Lettings>Modify Instruction / Tenancy . The property and tenancy is ready to be selected in the Recent Properties list. The tenancy has been automatically created up to the New Tenancy stage. You should check the Landlord Instruction by clicking on Modify Landlord Instruction as many of the details required are not available from the Bridge.

Completing the Landlord Record if a new Landlord was Imported. You should go to Lettings>Landlords>Modify Landlord Details to complete the Landlord's record, especially the Management Fee % as it is not available to import from the Bridge.

Updates to the Dezrez Bridge.

The bridge to Dezrez software has been updated as follows:

- Ability to import multiple tenants.
- Ability to add more than one bridge connection to a company, so that branches can have separate bridge
- Allow more than one DezRez branch per LetMC branch.
- Set rent amount for the instruction.


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