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Training - Home

Main Screen

The main areas of the LetMC screen are as follows:

Header Bar The 'Header Bar' includes the LetMC logo, or your company logo where specified, and the LetMC contact details.

Navigation Tabs Below the 'Header Bar' is a strip of tabs allowing quick navigation to each of the main functional areas of the system.

'Breadcrumb' Navigator The 'breadcrumb' navigator appears below the 'Navigation Tabs' and shows you the path that you have taken through the menus to reach the page currently being viewed. You can click on any step of this path to return to that menu.

At the opposite end of the screen, to the right of the 'breadcrumb' navigator, the name of the currently logged in user is displayed (this may not be displayed depending upon your company's security configuration).


Main Pane

Menus and the page content are displayed here. This and the 'Actions Pane' will be your main focus as you work within LetMC.

When you first log into LetMC you will be shown the Home page which is divided into 2 sections:


Getting Started

When you are new to the LetMC, the options listed in this section provide a quick way to get to the areas of the system you are most likely to want to use to get up and running.


Common Tasks

This section lists the main areas of the system that are available to you and the most commonly used options within those areas. This allows you to navigate directly to the option you require.

If the option you are looking for does not appear, click 'See More...' to see all available options within the menu.


Navigation Tree

The 'Navigation tree' shows the menu structure of LetMC. A menu in the tree can be expanded to show its sub-menus and/or options by clicking the plus-sign alongside its name. You can click on a menu or option name to display that menu or option in the 'Main Pane'.


General Rules for Using LetMC

* Anything with a blue arrow may be clicked on to perform an action. Either the arrow or the text alongside it may be clicked.

* Any underlined text may be clicked on to navigate to a different page or perform an action.


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