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Setting up a Universal Bridge

In order to set up a Universal Bridge on a Clients system you must first add the Bridge Type to the system. This is done in the Control Panel > Administration > Bridge Types view on the Master level.

This view will display all current Bridges set up on the system and allow you to edit them or add additional types once all the relevant information has been collected. This is the only section in the system where the bridge credentials are stored. So if they are accidentally deleted then any Clients using that particular bridge wont have access to their properties until the details have been located and re-entered into the system.

The Bridge Configuration view will allow you to enter in the details that will be provided by the Client's Estate Agent software in order for the connection to be established. The view consists of the following fields:

Bridge Type: The type will either be Dezrez or Generic.
Name: So that it can be identified when adding on to a particular Client.
EndPoint URL: The web address of the Estate Agent softwares web service.
Logo: A logo can also be added that will appear on the Import Properties view to distinguish between the different Bridges available on a Client's system.

Once the Bridge Type has been added you will need to navigate to Control Panel > Administration > Bridges view on the Client's system in order to set it up on their end. This is where you will enter the information provided by the Client for their particular Branch. These are the fields that need to be completed:

Bridge Type: Will show a list of the Bridges added on the master level. The names, not the type.
Bridge Name: Used to identify the Bridge in the Importing view when a Client has multiple bridges set up.
Branch: A dropdown to select the branch that the bridge is to be assigned to.
Branch ID: A unique identifier provided by the Estate Agent software for that particular branch.
Agent ID: A unique identifier provided by the Estate Agent software for that particular Client.
Agent Username: The username assigned by the provider to allow access to the Clients data.
Agent Password: Designated password set by the provider for the Client.
Staff Username: The username for the main staff member who will be using the Bridge.
Staff Password: Designated password for the main staff member.

This view will also allow you to add the credentials for the other staff members on the Clients system as well as LetMC staff members in order for them to access the Bridge.


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