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What we learnt from Josh Phegan...

24th June 2013

We really hope all attendees enjoyed the 'How not to come second' conference as much as we did. It was a truly inspiring day and the feedback has been fantastic. If you weren't lucky enough to attend LetMC's MD, Glyn Trott, is on hand to share some of the learning from Josh Phegan's epic advice!  

Josh first asked the audience, "describe Selling and describe Negotiation" and the audience replied with a few differnt phrases


Try it with your teams and see what they say.

But, ultimately Josh describes Selling as 'identifying or creating need' and negotiating as 'establishing price'.

As agents who sell every day, Josh summarised very well why we may struggle sometimes to convert a landlord.  He says "we have all the answers, but none of the questions".

A good way to see this happening is when a landlord calls.An example of most agents typical call is:

Landlord: Hi, Im a landlord and want to know your management fee.
Agent: Our fee is 12%
Landlord: Thank you that is all I need. Hangs up

Why not get your teams to try this instead:

Landlord: Hi, Im a landlord and want to know your management fee.
Agent: Our fees range from 10% to 12%, why do you ask?
Landlord: Well I'm thinking of letting my property, etc.........

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