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What head hunting actually means

29th June 2015

What head hunting actually means

When staff members come to me and say “I have been head hunted” what they are really saying to me is “This Company has made me feel amazing”. We don’t hide from this and we actually talk to our staff about it. I hear lots of stories of leaders having informal 1:1’s and lunch with key people. Those people then talk very highly about their boss and the company because of the 1:1 time and seem to be very loyal. Those same leaders are also having lunch with other companies’ staff members, proving that they care about them.

Do you know if your key staff members are having lunch with competitors?

Just like having a customer retention strategy, we also have a staff retention strategy, little things like informal 1:1’s and lunches can be the difference between keeping and losing a key member of staff.


Recently a competitor of ours arranged a booking with a particular member of staff. At the viewing our competitor then tried to recruit the staff member. We don’t hide from the fact that this happens and we talk to our staff about it. We equip our staff with the insight and questions to ask when they are head hunted. What head hunting actually means is “I have a problem to fix”. We tell our staff to ask these 4 questions of the person trying to head hunt them;

  1. Who am I replacing?
  2. Why did they leave?
  3. How long were they with you?
  4. What do you expect from me for the extra money? [we call it the “pound of flesh”]


When someone decides to take a job I say to them, “Wish you the best of luck” or “Wish you the best of luck, and would love to work with you again”. I always keep the door open for people to come back and work with us again.  Two to four weeks after a person leave we have their former manager check in with them and have lunch. This only works if your managers are trusted by the people under them and employees feel that they can talk to them.


LetMC company stats;

48% members of team have been with us for more than 3 years


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