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The Property Management Conundrum

4th November 2016

Our property management department, like many others out there, can struggle with playing catch up.  Feeling like they are constantly fire fighting. One of the ways we have tried to combat this is our ‘Better to ask forgiveness than permission’ ethos.

Now don’t get us wrong, we don’t just steam roll ahead and order huge works to be carried out on properties without the knowledge of the Landlord.  However what we do is to use our judgement and experience to decide if smaller jobs can be carried out.  We will always inform the Landlord but in order to cut down on emails and phone calls back and forth we take the approach of seek forgiveness and get the job done to keep everyone happy.  Cutting out the time spent on emails and phone calls to Landlords and Tenants can give property management team more capacity to get their job done.

This is how we do it:

Don’t send several emails over days.  Send one and answer.

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