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Is the UK’s current hesitation over the EU going to result in a crisis?

18th December 2015

Back by popular demand after the Relocation Agent 2014 Conference, Roger Martin-Fagg featured

as 2015’s most significant economical speaker. Using his specialist skills in understanding economic

trends, Roger keeps agents and business owners prepared for changes to the national and global

economy which could affect their business.

At the RAN Conference this year Roger offered his financial insights to advise agents and business

owners from across the UK. Combining his extensive knowledge on financial strategy and

management he was able to inform agents on the future economic outlook, and advise them of how

to prepare for the potential impact on their business and the industry.


Our director, Glyn, says that Roger is a great person to follow, providing useful information to

businesses from an economic standpoint. His discussions on the potential damage to the UK

economy by leaving the EU at RAN this year were particularly interesting to us. Roger was able to

tackle the EU debate from new perspectives, by highlighting how countries such as Norway

contribute a similar amount in goodwill as the UK contributes in membership to the EU. In this sense

it seemed it may cost us a similar amount to leave the EU then stay within it!


In relation to the property industry, Roger expressed a concern that the UK’s current hesitation over

the EU could result in a sterling crisis in upcoming years. The prospect of a potential sterling crisis is

something that business owners, landlords and agents need to be taking notice of over the

upcoming years as the effects could be significant to the property industry. A future sterling crisis

has the potential to effect landlords and agents in a big way, as a fall in property investments from

both the UK and overseas could very easily lead to concerns for the property market.


If you would like to keep up to date with Roger and his economic updates you can read more on his

blog here.

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