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Can Crowdfunding Save Estate Agency?

4th November 2016

As agents we are all chasing individual sellers, buyers and landlords for stock, to complete our deals and grow our managed stock.

Why chase and compete for elusive landlords to buy an investment, when you can post the investment on crowdfunding platform and get the crowd to buy.

The crowd want the return.  They want a property deal on plate but do not want or cannot do the leg work, or follow through with legal duties of being a landlord.

So if you or a competitor has rental stock for sale, present to a crowdfunding platform and if it gets funding, that sale is attributed to you and the long term management is handed back.

I see a relationship with a crowdfunding platform as like having a large scale institutional investor who wants me to find them stock to buy, and in return gives me the long term management.  This is why I believe crowdfunding will help agencies to continue to grow.


Written by Glyn Trott

Note:     Glyn Trott is an owner of an agency and software company, and a non exec director with shareproperty crowdfunding platform.  His aim is to explore how Proptech and Fintech can work closer together and give agents the growth they desperately want and need.


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