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How long has LetMC been around?

The owners of LetMC, Wyn Griffiths and Glyn Trott, started a letting agency in Cardiff in 1997. In early 2000, they went to market to find a software product that would meet the requirements of a rapidly growing student letting business, but were unable to find a suitable solution. A local software development company was commissioned to create the first version of LetMC (they are now our full time development team) and it was launched as a generic product for the open market in 2004.


Why is LetMC different?

There are a large number of products available to lettings and property management businesses, but none of them also have their own letting agency. Our software has been created to be a method of doing lettings, not just a relational database with client accounting. We specify improvements as lettings specialists, drawing on experience from our own agency and those recommendations of our growing client base; we have always worked towards the mantra of 'a product for letting agents, by letting agents'.
We have our clients' interests at heart. So, you won't get a hard sell, or false promises. We want to be able to help you with process and finding efficiency in your day to day business - software helps to underpin this, but it is our people who are most highly valued both by our clients and our management.


How do I get my data into LetMC?

This will often depend on the volume of data that you have, and in what format. Our Integration Manager will advise you on the best way of bringing it across, but in most cases a simple import from a collection spreadsheet templates is used. Our goal is to make this process as painless as possible, and we work towards a single day where we will enter opening balances for you.


How quickly can I get access to the system?

Once you have signed up with LetMC, we aim to provide you with your login details within five working hours. At this point, you will be in contact with your Integration Manager who will start talking to you about personalising documentation, getting data ready and organising training.

Where is my data, and do I still own it?
LetMC is hosted on Amazon EC2 servers in Dublin, and the data is YOURS. We are explicit in this fact which can be seen in section 14 of our Terms & Conditions


What happens if I want to leave?

Of course we sincerely hope that this never happens! However, we make this as simple as possible in regards to data. All reporting functions have exports to .csv format which allows you to get hold of that key data at a touch of a button.

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